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Thread: Portland?

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    So the clan colossally ****s up Boston but Verizon, who will be gone after next season, requires 16 races

    So they scramble and find a track, Watkins glen, that will do a track rental in an attempt to appease Verizon

    No one shows up and no one watches

    Up next: Portland

    How is this series still operating?

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    *the question was rhetorical 🤕

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    I think they're just biding their time, waiting until formula e irons out the bugs and battery issues and then they'll merge. Formula E Indycar series has a nice ring to it. Rolls of the tongue.

    I'm kidding. Or am I?

    Also, I have it in good authority that the Hulman daughters fully plan to sell the track to a development group once Mary goes. Once that happens, there's no need for Indycar anyway.

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    Formula E indycar 🤔


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    If folks were pissed about the sound of Granatelli's turbines, how do you think they'll react to F-E?

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    at least they'll be able to hear the crickets at the 500...

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