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Thread: Melbourne and 2019...

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    Melbourne and 2019...

    Not a Botox fan, but I do believe that it was very difficult to suffer through a season like 2018. It would be different if he was marginal, talent-wise, but he isnít. Plus, you would have to respect the evaluation of Wolff, who managed him, and Williams, who hired him. If he keeps running at the front, he would have to be considered a contender. WDC? I donít know.

    However, you also must believe that Hamilton and Vettel/Ferrari will not take this result lying down. You could feel the disappointment with Hamilton in post-race interviews and Vettel will not like being passed by sMax and keeping 4th on team orders. With 9 WDCís between Hamilton and Vettel, they do know how to win when riding a decent horse.

    Anyway, 2019 will be a very interesting season. Aside from the WDC, and watching what happens with
    Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, there are multiple story lines with Hulkenburg/Ricciardo, Vettel/Leclerc, Stroll/Perez, Kvyat/Albon and Kubica.

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    "sMax" I like that! He's quick, but also too accident prone at this stage of his career, IMO. Cracking about how he and others could win the WDC if they had Hamilton's car. Well, first you gotta stop running into stuff to win that. His new teammate is scoring on his level and he's not as fast - but he doesn't cause the demand for carbon fiber to go up every race either. And uh... nice job killing your chances of ever driving for Ferrari with those cheating comments, kiddo. He ain't real bright, is him?

    And you certainly got it right about the 2019 season being very interesting. Hamilton took it to another level and wins his 6th WDC. Bottas proved that he's no ones punk, but still not on Hamilton's level. Max proved that he's still a (talented) child. Vettel showed that his best days are likely behind him, especially with the arrival of Leclerc, my (next) favorite driver once Hamilton retires. Can't believe Haas is going to maintain that mediocre driver lineup for next year. Does Grosjean have compromising pictures of Gene Haas with a sheep or something? And Hulkenburg still without a seat for next year? Doesn't seem right - especially since Grosjean gets to stay. Good try by Kubica. I think most people were cheering for him in their hearts, if not their heads.

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